KRR Committee

KRR's Current Committee 2022/2023

(L-R top) George Reid, Brent Barlow, Ron Spithill and Brian Neaves.
(L-R bottom) Helen Roberts, Pat Spithill and Maree Maiden.

Committee Roles

  • President – Brent Barlow
  • Vice-President – Brian Neaves
  • Secretary – Maree Maiden
  • Treasurer – Pat Spithill
  • Ordinary Committee Members – Helen Roberts, Ron Spithill and George Reid

Peter Bryson 1942-2009

PETER BRYSON, better known as Cosmos, was a mechanical fitter, navigator, songwriter and community radio announcer. Cosmos was a highly valued inaugural member of Kandos Rylstone Community Radio, helping with transmission, other technical aspects and program coordinating.

The radio station became his passion. His support of Australian folk and country music was reflected in his own regular Sunday morning program.
KRR's elected committee for 2008-2009
(L-R) Sue Neaves, Brian Neaves, Karen Riley, Brent Barlow, Peter Bryson aka Cosmos, Linda Berrell, and Leanne Besant