KRR Committee

KRR's Current Committee 2022/2023

(L-R top) George Reid, Brent Barlow, Ron Spithill and Brian Neaves.
(L-R bottom) Helen Roberts, Pat Spithill and Maree Maiden.

Committee Roles

  • President – Brent Barlow
  • Vice-President – Brian Neaves
  • Secretary – Maree Maiden
  • Treasurer – Pat Spithill
  • Ordinary Committee Members – Helen Roberts and Ron Spithill

Peter Bryson 1942-2009

PETER BRYSON, better known as Cosmos, was a mechanical fitter, navigator, songwriter and community radio announcer. Cosmos was a highly valued inaugural member of Kandos-Rylstone Community Radio, helping with transmission, other technical aspects and program co-ordinating.

The radio station became his passion. His support of Australian folk and country music was reflected in his own regular Sunday morning program.
KRR's elected committee for 2008-2009
(L-R) Sue Neeves, Brian Neaves, Karen Riley, Brent Barlow, Peter Bryson aka Cosmos, Linda Berrell, and Leanne Besant