KRR Sponsors

Kandos Rylstone Radio would like to thank all their sponsors, for without your support, our community radio could not exist.

Sponsorship Rates

Sponsorship announcements are 30-40 seconds in length and cost only $30 per sponsorship tape (longer announcements are at extra cost).

Standard Rates

Standard Rates for a 28 to 31 day period:

Times per Day Cost per Month Production Tape
2 $100 $40
3 $150 $40
4 $200 $40
5 $250 $40

Special Rate for New Sponsors

$40 discount off normal prices.
28 to 31 Days for $110: Announced 3 Times a day (first month only) plus a one off $40 cost for Production Tape.

Live Sponsorship

Per 3 hour show, 2 times per hour- $25 & $30 - 4 Hour Show.

( Limited number of shows )

Casual Sponsorship

Casual Sponsorship (including Garage Sales Announcements):
Private: 1 day only live, 6 times throughout the day - $10
Business: 1 day only live, 6 times throughout the day - $25

Long Term/Prepaid Sponsorships

Special rates available. For more information phone Brian Neaves 0402 976 925


For all enquires and bookings, please phone Brian Neaves 0402 976 925

Sponsorship Conditions

  1.  .Kandos Rylstone Community Radio Inc will accept any sponsorship that is within the laws and relating to broadcasting of materials on community radio.
  2. .Sponsors have no rights as to the determination of the content of programs or the policies of Kandos Rylstone Community Radio Inc.
  3. .Sponsors do have the right to indicate which programs they may wish to sponsor and those they do not wish to sponsor.
  4. .Sponsors will be entitled to hear and approve sponsorships prepared on their behalf before they go to air, at the Radio Station premises.
  5. .Sponsorship announcements will be played as close as possible to the allocated time.
  6. .Please allow 7 days for sponsorship announcements to go on air.

Prices updated 1st May 2019