Art Resides podcast ep. 2

KRR is a strong supporter of Cementa, a local contemporary arts festival that brings together community and creates an exchange of culture across our region. KRR has partnered with David Ryan and Bridget Baskerville in the production of the fascinating and extremely entertaining Art Resides podcast by making our studios and equipment available to them.

Ep2 Hannah Jenkins and Rory Green – Trace Garden

Meet Hannah Jenkins and Rory Green: writers who merge poetry with technology.

During their two-week residency in June 2021, Hannah Jenkins and Rory Green developed Kandos Trace Garden, an interactive and infinitely generating digital poem. Their work alchemizes the past and present of Kandos. It speaks to where the town may be heading in the future.

Together with local historian Colleen O’Sullivan, we discuss social engagement and ask why contemporary art is a challenge to the population of this small post-industrial town.